Welcome to Assenden Glass

I have two kilns in my Assesndon studio; I rent a 'Hot Shop' in Stourbridge to blow and hot work glass. This I can combine with the recycled Dartington glass in my studio to make sculptural and functional pieces.

Having lived on or near the river for most of my life, I developed a series of panels called Deep Surface. In these I explore the regenerative power of the river to recover from the industrial pollution to which it was subjected.

Recently I have been drawn to the effects of and controversy surrounding `climate change`. We are, as always in a state of flux, but have somehow been lulled into a false sense of security, so that changes come as a shock. We hope to find solutions, or somewhere to put the blame. There are perhaps solutions, but in the meantime these changes can be recorded and, where it is to be found, beauty celebrated. It is from this perspective that I have started a series called `Meltwater`.

In contrast I have made a frivolous group of vases called Jelly Pots because they started with the colours of jelly beans. They seem to have taken on a life of their own with never-ending small variations of shape and colour combinations

Using a `lost vegetable` process, I have been casting fruit and vegetables in clear glass. I also produce a range of table ware from window glass, all of which can be put through the dish washer.

Working with a blacksmith, our garden sculptures are as beautiful in low winter light as in full summer sun.

I have also done several private and public commissions, both large and small.

I am happy to have visitors to my workshop at any time, but please ring to make sure that I can be there.